Macmillan English


Macmillan English is a six-level best-selling series in British English.


It is the first International English course book to be informed by lessons in native-speaker classrooms. It is designed for second-language learners of English, but uses many of the approaches to reading, writing and speaking that underpin the teaching of English to first-language children.


For teachers

  • NEW digital Presentation Kit of the Language Book, Practice Book and Fluency Book with audio, interactive activities, answers keys and Gradebook.
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Language Audio CD
  • Fluency Audio CD
  • Flashcards (Levels 1–3)
  • Posters
  • Test Resource Pack provides progress tests and answer keys.
  • Additional lesson planning and classroom materials include CIPP mapping documents, worksheets, project activity sheets, digital flashcards and posters

For students

  • NEW Digital Student’s Book of the Language Book, Fluency Book and Practice Book with audio, interactive activities and Gradebook.
  • Language Book
  • Practice Book with Working with Words CD-ROM
  • Fluency Book

For parents

  • Resource page with wordlists and ideas for learning at home



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