Study Island

  • State standards-aligned programs to drive proficiency
  • High-stakes assessment preparation
  • Customizable classroom assessments and flexible practice
  • Real-time progress monitoring to track student outcomes


Drive the student achievement you’ve always wanted to see

You work hard to deliver impactful instruction to your students every day, but how do you know who’s getting it and who needs additional support? With Study Island, you don’t have to wonder. Our standards-based formative assessment and practice program provides you with the tools and data to ensure standards mastery for success on state assessments and beyond.

Discover when learning breaks down to improve instruction

Does this situation sound familiar? You deliver a carefully planned, well-executed lesson, and then, you give your students a quiz, and many of them bomb. With Study Island, you can incorporate formative assessment questions throughout your instruction and get a response from each and every student. No more surprise endings!

Prepare all students for the state test

Imagine if you could focus on delivering high-quality instruction without having to worry about teaching to the test. With Study Island, you can! Our items are built from your state standards and aligned to the state assessment, so every time your students work in Study Island, they are gaining experience with the same types of items they will see on their state tests.

Trusted state standards alignment

We are committed to maintaining tight alignment with your state standards. Our dedicated, in-house curriculum team builds content from the ground up to meet each state’s ever-changing needs.


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