Young Explorer Macmillan Readers

Macmillan English Explorers

An eight-level reading scheme, complemented by a four-level phonics scheme.


Macmillan English Explorers

Developed specifically for children learning English in kindergarten and primary schools, Macmillan English Explorers is written with second language learners in mind. These books expose children to real language and develop their reading and vocabulary skills.

Macmillan Explorers Phonics

Teaching phonics is recognised as an essential part of teaching reading and writing. Macmillan Explorers Phonics complements the first four levels of Explorers by teaching children to sound out words and blend sounds to read and spell them accurately.

Using Explorers Titles with our Courses

We’ve mapped the Explorers titles against a number of our courses, and you can view or download these mapping documents below.

Macmillan English Explorers

Little Explorers A

Aimed at children aged 4–5.

Little Explorers B

Aimed at children aged 5–6.

Young Explorers 1

Aimed at children aged 6–7.

Young Explorers 2

Aimed at children aged 7–8.

Explorers 3

Aimed at children aged 8–9.

Explorers 4

Aimed at children aged 9–10.

Explorers 5

Aimed at children aged 10–11.

Explorers 6

Includes a literary classic, a legend, a fantasy and an adventure.

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